Personalization Lesfilsdisa

👜Make Your Item Unique! 👜

Because you are, make your purchase a unique creation with our personalization offer :

Add a few words, a date, a first name to each of our creations! It's a gift idea always appreciated by its recipient: For a friend's birthday, to thank your child's teacher, to immortalize a special event...

At Lesfilsdisa, we are committed to creating unique pieces of leather goods made in France that reflect your personality and style. Our leather bag personalization service offers a truly unique experience and makes each bag truly yours.

Your bag is unique

Whether you choose a handbag, a shoulder bag, a tote bag, or a simple clutch, Lesfilsdisa personalization allows you to add your own touch to your creation. From sleek black leather to bolder camel leather, each bag is carefully designed to reflect your unique style. Plus, free delivery in France makes this a hassle-free leather goods choice experience.

Recurring questions about personalization

But what is personalization?

This is an option offered when purchasing your item, completely optional but which can make it unforgettable (because it was your wedding for example!), or which will prove all the interest shown to the recipient of this article (your best friend will appreciate reading her little nickname, your little one's mistress is really great!...)

What can I write in my article?

When making your item, I will add the text chosen by you, a first name, a date, a little word, etc. (the number of authorized characters will be proposed depending on the size of the item chosen, some being too small to write long customizations!)

What is the color of the flocking?

It is a glittery flocking (quesaco? Like the usual designs and inscriptions on our t-shirts for example!) The color of this flocking will be adapted to your item: gold, silver, black or navy blue glitter.

How is flocking made?

This personalization is previously designed with a special machine (horribly noisy in fact!), which creates and cuts the flocking, in a pretty Lesfilsdisa font.

This is then ready to be placed hot on the location chosen for your item, during its manufacture! It will become permanent, like on your t-shirts!

Where will this personalization be placed?

It can be placed inside your item, and made visible only when opening for the most discreet (a little secret message perhaps?), but also be placed outside, clearly visible (no doubt, it's a unique item at first glance!)

Choose the characteristics of your products

On our store, choose the color you want for your product based on the element that is customizable, and insert your glitter flocking with the text and color of your choice!

Other questions ? Contact us mentioning your request

Some examples of personalization...

Exemple de personnalisation de la pochette à maquillage bleu marine en tissu japonais fleuri Kiku
Exemple de personnalisation extérieure du sac hobo en lin beige et anse en cuir noir.
Exemple de personnalisation extérieure du protège-agenda bleu marine en tissu japonais fleuri.