Welcome to Lesfilsdisa , your privileged space to discover authentic leather goods made in France , designed for today's women. Specialist in French leather goods and craftsman , we offer you a varied range of bags , accessories and pouches made in France. An elegant evening clutch , a customizable wedding clutch , a practical fanny pack , a trendy Hobo bag , makeup bags , computer covers, digital e-reader covers , and many more: each item is the product of French craftsmanship , combining style and functionality. We also offer wallets , coin purses , glasses cases, not forgetting innovative shoulder phone pouches , checkbook holders , diary protectors , etc.

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Personalization: Your Unique Leather Goods 🪡🧵

At Lesfilsdisa, we believe in uniqueness. This is why we offer you the possibility of personalizing your fabric and leather bag , your clutch . Whether you are looking an evening clutch, a handbag, a tote bag or an accessory , make it unique with our personalization service. Your handmade leather goods in France , designed exactly according to your preferences. It's also an excellent gift idea to delight the recipient!

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  • corduroy

    Corduroy is one of the strongest and most durable fabrics. It is also a warm and soft fabric, very pleasant to wear. Fans of the casual style will particularly appreciate corduroy bags or accessories, an essential basic. It comes in many colors, from the most timeless to the most daring!

    Well associated with other clothes, corduroy is a must-have constantly reinvented by fashion.

  • le fond du sac hobo denim Lesfilsdisa

    The denim fabric

    Denim comes from the contraction of “de Nîmes” , which designates a cotton fabric with a twill weave . Denim canvas is a material that we cherish at Lesfilsdisa. This robust and timeless fabric is perfect for our tote bags and shoulder bags. The choice of denim canvas for our bags made in France is a testimony to our dedication to durability , style and quality . Denim canvas offers unrivaled robustness, making each leather bag a timeless piece of French leather goods.

  • The leather handles

    At Lesfilsdisa, we pay particular attention to details. This is why we use leather handles . This detail, although discreet, adds a touch of refinement to our bags made in France. I use strips of vegetable-tanned collar leather to offer you removable leather handles, in various colors, but also sometimes limited edition soft grained leather handles! Of European origin, including French, exclusively , these handles can be discovered on the Hobo bags from the Lesfilsdisa boutique!

  • Japanese fabrics

    Our pouches made in France are distinguished by their elegance and refinement, thanks to the use of Japanese fabrics. These fabrics, with delicate and sophisticated patterns, bring a unique touch to our range of leather goods made in France. Certain iconic Japanese symbols are widely represented there such as the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) for kindness and gentleness, the Chrysanthemum (Kiku) for the imperial emblem, the Wave (Seigaiha) for quiet strength and good fortune, the Dragonfly for victory and strength. A great opportunity to celebrate these symbols with Japanese-style gifts.

  • suede

    Often referred to as " faux suede " or " imitation leather ", this fabric does not come from any animal . It is so named because of its fluffy appearance, which is very reminiscent of the skin of deer, an animal that has been protected for a very long time! It is mainly composed of polyester , a synthetic fiber widely used by the textile industry.

  • Leatherette

    Leatherette is a fabric that looks and feels similar to real leather. Obtained by the induction of several successive layers on a canvas, it has no impact on the animal ecosystem ! A real alternative to leather, it is now available in many colors and in different very realistic textures! I choose them for their elegance and their variety and I invite you to discover them!

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La pochette en denim brut, ouverte.

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