Votre sac pochette Isa entièrement personnalisé

Your fully personalized Isa clutch bag

Lesfilsdisa creates for you the personalized and unique clutch bag you need!

Because there are very special occasions, your wedding, a baptism, an award ceremony, and because you have found the outfit you will wear, Lesfilsdisa offers you to make a clutch bag perfectly suited for this occasion!

A wide choice and yet...

I offer you a collection provided with colors already present in the online store to meet the widest demand, however, it is not impossible that you will need THE unique pouch!

Customization that adapts to your needs...

You have defined a color theme for your wedding, a particular fabric for this event...I suggest you make your pocket square from this theme, from this fabric!

Provided that the delay is still sufficient, it is quite possible to send me a coupon of this fabric so that it can be worked on your pocket as in the following example, made for a baptism...

or here with a Japanese fabric....

And if the sequins are not to your liking, or simply no circumstances, it is entirely possible to replace them!

And if you don't like chains, I can also offer you to make your shoulder strap....

So do not hesitate to let me know your needs and desires, I will answer you very quickly: contact@lesfilsdisa.fr

See you soon,


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