La collection Denim Lesfilsdisa pour une rentrée tendance!

The Lesfilsdisa Denim collection for a trendy back-to-school season!

👖Adopt denim for a smooth return to school! 👖

The denim trend remains an essential fashion basic for this 2023 school year!
A favorite fabric that we love to wear with our sturdy and comfortable jeans , constantly reinvented throughout the seasons.
At the Lesfilsdisa workshop, I have chosen to offer it to you on your bags and accessories with a fall-winter 2023 sportswear and resolutely trendy collection , to accompany you this new season .

🏛 The Canvas of Nîmes 🏛


Coming from the contraction of “ De Nîmes ”, this cotton canvas is characterized by a small oblique diagonal twill pattern. A 100% cotton fabric that appeared in the 1800s and has become a timeless fabric recognized for its robustness . Its original dark blue color, raw denim , is now available in more or less faded shades for varied style effects!

Two hanging eyelets for your leather handle...
Lesfilsdisa raw denim used on hobo bagsthe stitching of the Lesfilsdisa denim hobo bag

Contrasting stitching for a denim look😉

👜 The Denim Hobo Bag, carried on your shoulder 👜

Discover the Lesfilsdisa Hobo Bag in Raw Denim, A canvas and leather bag with an ultra-practical sportswear look to accompany you every day! Carry it easily with its genuine leather handle, which now comes in 3 colors: brown leather or tan leather and now orange leather for a bold touch of color!

The Hobo bag in Denim and orange leather
The Hobo Bag in raw denim canvas and tan leather

An essential accessory for carrying your essential personal belongings with its contrasting stitching and small denim rivets!

💗 I want one! 💗

📱 The Shoulder Phone Pouch in Denim and Leather 📱

Adopt a denim and leather shoulder phone pouch , the ideal “ hands-free ” accessory for your outings!

The Lesfilsdisa denim and leather shoulder phone pouch

A front pocket to carry your bank card, your papers, etc.

young woman wearing the Lesfilsdisa denim and leather shoulder phone pouch

A knotted and adjustable genuine leather strap to carry it at your convenience:

Detail view of the leather strap of the Lesfilsdisa shoulder phone pouch

🤩 I want one! 🤩

Also find all the Lesfilsdisa shoulder phone pouches here !

💄 The tote bag 💄

For a well-ordered start to the school year, the Raw Denim Pouch is entering the Lesfilsdisa Denim collection! A very practical zipped pouch to carry your makeup, your papers, etc.

The Lesfilsdisa raw denim clutch

Contrasting stitching and denim rivets for a perfect combo...😉

The Lesfilsdisa makeup bag in raw denim

🧡 I want one! 🧡

Don't wait to discover the new Lesfilsdisa Denim collection in the online store and find us on Instagram and Facebook !


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