Exemple de pochettes à liseuse numérique Lesfisdisa, en lin et tissu japonais avec poche chargeur

The 5 advantages of a Lesfilsdisa digital reader cover

📚 The Perfect Pouch for your Digital E-Reader 📚

Passionate about reading , a few years ago I received a digital e-reader from my children as a gift, the Kobo Clara HD : The promise of being able to take all the books they have chosen with you!

I must admit that the object is incredible in terms of its practicality and its functionalities...In today's era where it is appropriate to limit the weight and volume of one's luggage ✈, all readers will admit that it is a dilemma to have to choose what book to take on a trip .

After a few hours of discovery and use, already attached to this new digital tool , I naturally looked for how to protect it so that it accompanies me as much as possible without risking damaging it...
Among all the offers available, I finally chose a rigid protection that dresses it as much as it protects it! It certainly does the job...Even if I must say that it is not quite to my taste in terms of color (I had to choose carefully!), nor even in terms of materials, plastic not being my cup of tea. tea!
It is for these reasons that over the course of my uses the idea was born that I needed a specific cover worthy of my e-book, my new toy!
The challenge was therefore to be able to protect the tablet , without increasing its space, and ideally to be able to store the charging cable (which is not provided with these "shell" protections )... Everything must remain easy to handle, to insert or remove the digital e-reader ...

🛡 Protect the digital e-reader 🛡

This is objective number 1, to offer sufficient protection for your digital e-reader, whether it is a Kindle , a Kobo , a Vivlio ... to cushion the inevitable shocks of everyday life. Like the computer pouches that I have been creating for years (for those who are curious, here is the link by clicking here !), the e-reader pouch would be padded between its exterior and its interior lining. The weight thus remains very modest and has little impact on the e-reader-pocket assembly!

🔌 The pocket for the Charger: A Plus🔌

This is the added value of these Lesfilsdisa e-reader pockets!

Who has never looked for the charging cable for their phone, connected watch, tablet, etc.? . . among all these different cables???
Certainly, these digital tablets have quite exceptional autonomy , but having to recharge them will happen at one time or another and what about the cable that you need to have on hand!
It then seemed essential to me to be able to group this cable and its e-reader, which led to the addition of this extremely practical front pocket .
A good way to insert the cable, stylus, pencil or other small objects that you like to have with you...

⏩Easy and Practical Access ⏩

I like practical objects , and this quality is essential for me when it comes to frequent use . It was therefore essential to be able to handle this ebook sleeve with ease, to be able to insert or remove the tablet in the blink of an eye!
I therefore planned an enlarged opening on each side, which gives it this advantage.

Then, I let my imagination do the rest and my pronounced taste for real Japanese fabrics ! I invite you to discover their subtle patterns and their symbolism by reading the short guide to Japanese fabric that I wrote here ...
Here is a summary of the history of the digital reader pockets that I create for you, and which you can discover in the Lesfilsdisa online store here !
In summary, if you are looking for a lightweight, protective and practical pouch that stands out for your digital e-reader or more generally your tablet, you are in the right place! I suggest to you:

-1: A tailor-made design to meet everyone's needs:

In the Lesfilsdisa workshop , I design your tailor-made ebook cover based on your 3 precise dimensions of your device from 6 inch to 10 inch format. No standard pouch!

-2: Effective protection against everyday shocks and scratches

-3: A front pocket for your cable and other small items

-4: Optimized use with its wide opening

-5: And possible customization for a unique piece:

You can have interior or exterior personalization applied, and own or offer a unique French-designed pouch ! Discover the Lesfilsdisa customization guide here !

Looking forward to meeting you to create YOUR e-reader pouch!😉

Isa, the creator 🌼

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