Le sac hobo, un sac pratique et tendance: Revue de détails!

The hobo bag, a practical and trendy bag: Review of details!

Personally, I have a special affection for practical bags , which can be used on a daily basis without having to think about what to give up taking with you! (well ok, there is a time when you have to prefer a suitcase!)

An ideal format for everyday....

If, like me, you are filled with "you never know", and it is important to you to have with you all your personal effects, then this bag will give you satisfaction!

Neither too big nor too small , its size is ideal for taking your essentials everywhere! To be able to add the garment that you wear in mid-season and that keeps you warm in the middle of the day? No problem!

The book you take with you to the consultation because you don't know how long you'll have to wait? No problem either!

A practical shoulder bag...

Placed on your shoulder, you keep your hands free, thanks to its unique leather handle !

Long enough to wear even over your thickest winter clothes, but not too long to keep the bag under your arm... It is removable to allow you to maintain the bag.

And inside...

Each model is lined with a pretty fancy fabric to offer you beautiful finishes

2 inside pockets, one of which is zipped to be able to lock up your most precious objects...
the other allowing you to find your phone very quickly!

So I'll end by inviting you to discover the collection of hobo bags in the online store, it's over here !

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