Comment choisir son sac pochette Isa ?

How to choose your Isa clutch bag?

Lesfilsdisa helps you make the best choice!

When we choose an outfit, very quickly arises the choice of accessories that will finalize it: Jewelry, shoes and the bag are decisive for a result that meets your expectations!

-The rule of the maximum 3 colors:

If the rule of 3 colors (or family of colors) maximum on a dress is commonly accepted, it is essentially to create a harmonious and elegant look , even if all audacities are allowed!
  • Monochrome outfits will be easily highlighted with a clutch bag that can stand out strongly and give relief to your outfit! A pretty orange dress will be highlighted by a navy blue and orange clutch for example, with a sequin to match your jewelry, whether gold or silver! But this is an example!

  • A printed and colored fabric will allow a wide choice of colors to recall on this pouch, taking into account your shoes and other accessories, thus giving a harmonious message to the whole...

  • And so as not to add too much of a contrasting element to your outfit, using a one-color clutch bag could be a safe alternative, with the future possibility of wearing this clutch bag again in other circumstances!

    Finally, if the sequin that you find widely on the models of the brand is not your "cup of tea", know that it is quite possible to replace it and modify your clutch bag widely!

    At the Lesfilsdisa workshop, the watchword is to give free rein to our creativity, mine, but also YOURS!

    So do not hesitate to let me know your desires by contacting me by email here ... I will answer you very quickly!

    -How can I help you?

    • If despite everything you are undecided, I suggest you send me the photo(s) of your outfit to start developing my answer to the following address:
    • But another alternative is also possible:

    You have organized a ceremony (the baptism of the youngest for example…), you have to respect a color code for your friend's wedding, or you have had the outfit you dreamed of made for the occasion...? Know that I can then offer you to use the fabric of this outfit or this event to place it on your clutch bag! Contact me, I will tell you the procedure to follow:

    See you soon!


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