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Isa shopping bag in linen with wide stripes and black sequins

Isa shopping bag in linen with wide stripes and black sequins

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💼 Isa linen tote bag with wide stripes and black sequins: A dazzling companion for every trip 💼

🇫🇷 Made in France with meticulous attention to detail 🇫🇷

Each Isa tote bag is handcrafted in France, with unparalleled attention to detail. At the Lesfilsdisa workshop, we take care of every step from design to shipping. From the careful assembly of natural linen to the delicate placement of black sequins, each piece is created with love and expertise.

👜 Your new everyday essential 👜

The Isa tote bag is more than just a bag . This is your perfect companion for shopping, office, beach, or any other trip in your day. Thanks to its large cotton handles, this linen bag can be easily worn on the shoulder or forearm. With a linen yoke with wide beige and black stripes enhanced with black sequins, it is as practical as it is elegant.

🌟 Personalize your bag to make it even more special 🌟

At Lesfilsdisa we understand that every woman is unique, and that is why we offer the possibility of personalizing your Isa tote bag. Add your initials, a first name or a short message inside or outside the black glitter flock bag to create an item that is truly yours.

📦 A Carefully Prepared Package 📦

Your tote bag will be delivered with a tracking number, well protected and nicely packaged. Every detail matters to us, from the care taken in making the bag to the way it is packaged and shipped. We want you to have a wonderful experience from the moment you place your order to the moment you open your package.

🔧 Maintenance tips 🔧

Your linen tote bag will be a long-lasting companion if you take care of it properly. Avoid overloading it and clean it with a soft, damp cloth if necessary. Do not use harsh detergents, and keep it dry and away from direct sunlight.

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-Pure natural linen
-Striped linen
- Sequin Glitter
- Cotton strap
-Cotton fabric


-Width at the opening 48 cm
- Height 32cm
-Thickness of the bottom 15 cm
-50 cm handles
- Zipped inside pocket 25 cm/ 20 cm
- 45cm zipper if chosen

Maintenance tips

-Hand wash with soapy water after light soaking, insisting on any stains.
- Careful rinsing with clear water and very gentle spin drying
-Dry in the open air and away from the sun
-Tumble dryer prohibited
-Gentle ironing under clean linen, avoiding sequins or edging (if present)

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